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Engineer. Composer. Remixer. Epicurean.

I began my life in audio when I got my first guitar and amp. Those days led to DJ rigs, audio school, and then the studio. For the past 20 years, I have worked in many great studios, built some great studios, and toured the world as a DJ, engineer and musician. 

I have been composing, mixing, and sound designing audio for picture for the past 13 years, with many of them spent as an in-house composer, creative director, GC and BBQ maverick for Mophonics Music in NYC. There, we created a great space, great music and threw timeless events. I am also a partner in Beat Haus Records , a NYC beat scene staple. 


Now, after a move to sunny LA, I went back to the freelance life to focus on family as well as making hits.

Selected Discography


  • Gogol Bordello

  • Amel Larrieux

  • Talib Kweli


  • The Who

  • T. Rex

  • Amel Larrieux

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